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Monday, 21st July 2014


The RATP, public transports for Paris, launched this campaign to teach people how to behave. 

Some of these seem obvious, but given our experience in NYC and SF (+Madrid, Brussels, yes, Paris, and other places), we know they’re not a luxury.

See, for example, the tortoise who keeps his backpack on his shoulders instead of placing it against his legs (I’m looking at you, tourists), or the lovebirds, who stand side-by-side on the escalator. Or the hen, who speaks loudly on her telephone. The warthog, who eats stinky food and leaves a mess, and the elephants, who don’t let passengers off the train. I’m not including the koalas, who don’t fold their prams when there is more than one pram in the same space.

There are some missing, of course, like the pole hogs, who will hug a pole instead of holding it with one hand and standing at a distance to let others reach for it. 

I wish more cities with public transports launched similar campaigns. Lord knows we need them.

— From NYC. 

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Artist Creates ‘Bump Paintings’ on the Bellies of Pregnant Women

11.20 AM


"You can make about 75% more money with a cat on your head than you can with a cat on your shoulder."

9.05 AM

There are no spaces for life. No place to return. All of Gaza bids farewell to herself every night and congratulates those who remain alive the morning of another day. They inspect their bodies then run their hands over the living. They close their eyes then open them, and once again call the members of their families one by one…so that the memory of their names does not fail and their spirits do not disappear.

Hedaya Shamun, “I Do Not Wish For You To See Gaza As Anything But a Rose" (translated by Ghada Mourad and Tyson Patros)

(Source: awritersruminations, via fotojournalismus)

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"What’s your largest remaining goal in life?"
"I’m just a tourist in this world. I’m not trying to affect anything."

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Saturday, 19th July 2014



Working on my novel, Cory Arcangel

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A farmer embraces his dog in his stonewalled field on Inishmore Island in Ireland, March 1971.Photograph by Winfield Parks, National Geographic Creative

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Friday, 18th July 2014


How Street Maps Can Be Sexist | Co.Exist | ideas impact

OpenStreetMap is a massive free map of the world, editable by anyone. Companies like Flickr, Foursquare, and Craigslist all use it in their products. But unlike Google Maps, which rigorously chronicles every address, gas station, and shop on the ground, OpenStreetMap’s perspective on the world is skewed by its contributors. “When data is being contributed to OpenStreetMap, there is a specific bias because people contribute data they are interested in and familiar with. If they’re all male, maybe they forget to put in day care centers,” says Pickle. There are far more male contributors than female contributors to OpenStreetMap, though female contributions have been increasing, according to Pickle, who still works for Boundless in the role of chief revenue officer. “Anecdotally, there’s more info [on OpenStreetMap] on strip clubs than day care centers,” he says.

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Thursday, 17th July 2014


May 12, 1958: A contact sheet from a photo shoot at the Bronx Zoo for which an emperor penguin named Jill was the star, occasioning the addition of two duck-billed platypuses, which called “attention to the many other outstanding specimens” at the zoo. “The emperors are hand-fed — five pounds of mackerel a day,” her keeper, Chappie Solanto, told the Times magazine. “The public thinks they look like old men. And people are surprised at their fatness and that they don’t go into the water like other penguins here.” Photo: Sam Falk/The New York Times

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Wednesday, 16th July 2014


"My husband was an editor at the New York Times, so he’d work really late nights, and I’d sometimes get lonely. So I started letting this tomcat into our house everyday. But my husband was horribly allergic to cats, so right before he’d get home, I’d let the cat back out again. But one night it was raining so hard that I refused to let the cat out, and my husband stayed up all night sneezing. And that’s how I got a puppy!"

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